Get customized rates

Secure custom, discounted rates based on your shipping volumes

Customers with an XGS account will be able to request discounted rates at any time by submitting a Request for Pricing (RFP). These rates would be discounted off the standardized pricing that is offered on shipping and warehousing. 

How to Request a Rate:

To request a rate, you will need to gather all pertinent information surrounding your request. You will need:

  • Zipcodes that you frequently ship to and from
  • Shipping volume both historical and anticipated
  • Current carrier information including rates and delivery times
  • Account Information for your XGS account:
    • Account number
    • Name on the account
    • Square yards if your shipment is carpet or carpet tile or weight for any other shipment type. 

Contact your account representative and advise them that you would like to submit an RFP. Provide them with all information listed above. If you do not know who your account representative is, you can submit this information to Once your account representative receives all required information, you will receive a Rate Verification Sheet (RVS) within 48 hours.

Your RVS outlines specialized pricing unique to your account and the zip codes. These rates will already be loaded into our system for use. Quotes can then be obtained via your representative, the customer portal, or by contacting the sales team by emailing